World Press Photo exhibition – 2016


Last weekend I was visiting the World Press Photo 2016 exhibition in Budapest.
One of the main topics of the photos was the refugee crisis in Europe and the war in Syria, which was expected, as it was one of the main international issues last year and since.

Several photos introduced the story of a person, the life of someone else, making us feel impressed by another culture, empathy for a hard life, or anger for the injustice, but in some way making us realize that the world is so big, there are so many different lives, much more than we can imagine.

Sport events can generate amazing photos, catching the movement sharply always made me impressed. The photos about the nature are just beautiful, I can’t stop admiring the colours, the diversity, the power of the nature.

After all I think I can say that I am impressed. By the nature of the Earth, by the variety of the cultures, by what the humans are capable of (both positive and negative way). The exhibition made me sad as well, but the most important is that these photos draw the attention to serious problems, inform the people, and hopefully help to create a better world.